About Us

People first. Community second. Company third.

Why Axle

Axle is a team of uniquely skilled and experienced digital marketing, sales, and technology experts who work as one collaborative unit. Each sector of our specialties integrate to form wholistic solutions for our clients; leveraging the collective genius. Our tried and true approach provides digital credibility, advocacy and sales opportunities online and offline. We view our clients as partners and regard their trials and triumphs as our own.

We follow 4 standards at Axle:
1. We actively listen.
2. We believe in the power of collaboration.
3. We provide the data to support the decisions.
4. We commit to always provide value.

Our Capabilities

While our team works as one cohesive unit, each member is committed to being an expert of their individual skillsets and knowledge. The digital world is fast evolving and we understand that you must be continually learning in order to produce the highest quality of work.

In addition to decades of industry experience, each member of our team is formally educated with accomplishments ranging from a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design to a BS in Computer Science, and more. We maintain annual Google Analytics Certification, have numerous team members who are Sandler (sales training) Certified, are Public Relations Society of America members, as well as a Hubspot Partner.

All of our work is strategically driven using custom, proven frameworks to obtain optimal results. We believe that quality and data-proven results are best achieved through creating, implementing, and executing on a predetermined strategy. Strategies help to ensure team alignment and that work is focused on meeting defined business goals and objectives.

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About Our Founder

Armed with 30 years of ownership and management experience, Bren’s mission has always been to create and reinvigorate trust in technology. With a passion for business strategy, she guides clients to leverage technology with a focus on the future. She mentors leaders, teaching them how to rise above the many distractions technology can create, and to embrace it as a vehicle for growth.

“Grounded in the principles of transparency, trust, and results, my stake in the ground is a deep desire to establish trust in technology and share knowledge that empowers business owners, helping them to understand the results they should expect for the investment they are making.”

-Bren Taylor Montgomery

What our clients are saying

"Results were immediate, amazing and the improvement in the user experience was awesome!"

Maria Colaluca

Head of Digital Marketing, MindHandle

What we stand for

Our Proclamations


We are a team of skilled individuals that hold each other in the highest regard.


We remain in constant pursuit to increase knowledge and learning opportunities.


We function with a collaborative spirit.


We leverage the collective genius.


We do what we say we will do. We walk our talk.


We are driven to provide value.


We are transparent in all functions of our business.


We are good stewards of our clients’ budget.

Sound like a good match?