Axle Delivers Meaningful Measurement

Knowing the “how” often is the hardest part of digital performance measurement. How do you measure anything online in terms that are meaningful to business owners and managers so they can make informed decisions?

Decision makers want to know:

  • How is our website performing?
  • How is our campaign doing?
  • What is our ROI?
  • How is our social media affecting our goals?

Measuring is key to success and meeting goals in the digital space. If you cannot measure performance, you cannot manage it. Unfortunately, getting access to the data you need and then understanding the output from any digital tool usually is more challenging than it needs to be.

Axle has created two fast and easy ways for people throughout an organization to know what results are needed and how to access the answers quickly.

We use a measurement model based on the strategy, goals, and projected outcomes of any digital initiative.

We use Google Analytics with reporting tools such as Data Studio Reports to provide quick access to data points you need when you need them. Then we present the information in reports that are easy to understand.

Knowing how your digital initiatives measure up is easier than you think!

Chris Isom, Director of Analytics - July 27, 2022