Customer-Centric Sales Enablement

Sales is the lifeblood of any company.

We've heard that since we started working in the business world, but what does it take to find customers and get them to buy?

Early on in my career, I thought a sale would be closed for one of two reasons. Either the person I met 1) liked me enough to want to work with me or 2) needed my service/product and I had the right price.

It wasn't until later in my career when I became a business owner that I realized, I had it all wrong. Sales enablement is about the customer, not the company.

Four workers around a notebook discussing a topic while one writes in the notebook.

The person that set me straight was Tom Neisen, a Sandler System consultant whom I met through other business owners. The Sandler Sales Method teaches how to build relationships with prospects to develop a business, not just a sale.

That starts with asking the right questions and then listening more than talking. We value the Sandler method, how it has shaped our thinking about our customers, and how we engage them.

We do that in a variety of ways online and offline. We start by considering the three phases people go through in our relationship – Prospect, Lead, and Customer.

Each phase builds the foundation for the next with specific activities.

In the Prospect phase, we define the perfect customer types and how we interact with them. The outcome is a clear understanding of who we're selling to, what we are saying and what channels we need to use online and offline.

In the Lead phase, we lay out our conversion strategy and measurables. This defines what we need to close the sales cycle, what information and actions are required, and how we will execute them.

Lastly, in Customer phase we outline how we deliver the highest quality experience and nurture the relationship to develop life-long customers.

Through our training and years of experience, Axle has created a simple and effective process to provide the data you need to know what is working, what isn’t. Then we work with you to fine-tune your business for real growth.

Bren Taylor Montgomery, Founder - July 20, 2022